Open Source projects

Active projects

  • cbl2pg

    A library to use a postgresql database from a COBOL program. Tested with AcuCobol and TinyCOBOL

  • hores

    A web program to control the work time to diferent projects and tasks. The projects, users and tasks are linked to a mantis bug tracker.

  • Openerp

    We are working with the Openerp Commmunity to develop more and better openerp modules.


  • Mantis BT

    A free popular web-based bugtracking system. It is written in the PHP scripting language and works with MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL databases and a webserver.

  • PhpPgAdmin

    phpPgAdmin is a web-based administration tool for PostgreSQL. It is perfect for PostgreSQL DBAs, newbies and hosting services.

Utilities and Scripts

  • loadcsv

    Python script to load a CSV file into a database. Takes the field names from the column names in the CSV file. Try it now!

  • cobutils

    Utilities to extract, load and maipulate data from a sequantial COBOL file or from and unload of a indexed cobol files. The data is unloaded to or loaded from a CSV file. Can be used in conjunction with loadcsv to load a COBOL file to a database, or can be used to manipulate in batch data from a COBOL file.

  • Icon gallery

    Scripts to donwload free icons from the internet and create a local gallery of icons.

Abandoned projects

  • Loemu

    A gtk frontent for arcade emulators like mame.

  • phpfaxq

    A php script to view amd manage the hylafax output queue.

  • jamodme

    A port to J2ME of the jamod MODBUS library. This is a project not complete.

  • microhttpd

    A simple HTTP server for J2ME. This program is complete with limited funcionality.